Growth capital and sales support for faster scaling of your business model.




Venture capital for innovative and dynamic start-up companies in the “Technology/Internet” and “Life Science/Health Care” sectors

Ensure your success by taking advantage of the unique ALSTIN investment approach: Customised, active support in sales, marketing and management in combination with Growth Capital. In order to facilitate sales and to accelerate growth, portfolio companies can draw on the extensive corporate experience of the ALSTIN investment professionals and sales experts.

The investments will benefit particularly from the regular exchange and support in the following areas:
Sales support
The intensity of the operational sales support depends on the individual needs of the company. Key points from the comprehensive catalog of services of the experts concerning coaching to implement revenue-generating activities, such as:

  • – Improvement of customer communication
  • – Sales training / seminars
  • – Optimization of sales processes
  • – Measures to control sales
  • – Advice on bonus and incentive systems
  • – Recruiting support
  • – Training of new sales staff
  • – Education and training of managers

By regular activities carried out following effects were achieved in the company demonstrably:

  • – Improve Conversion Rate
  • – Increase customer acquisition
  • – Increase of revenues
  • – Increase of employee motivation
Marketing Support
The multi-channel marketing advice is tailored to the needs of businesses. The focus of coaching the cross-channel, user-oriented customer communication is according to the latest aspects of neuromarketing. The following deals for easier customer acquisition, the investments use for themselves:

  • – Marketing audits
  • – Optimization of all marketing materials
  • – Cross-media neuromarketing (Limbic Marketing)
  • – Competitive analysis
  • – Market Research

Due to the additional measures, the following effects were achieved proven:

  • – Increase in customer inquiries
  • – Increase Conversion Rates
Network access
You need contacts with decision-makers? We bring our interests together with influential people in business, politics and society at home and abroad.The principals and the Alstin team can help you with network contacts in the following areas:

  • – Access to decision makers in large corporations
  • – Contacts with relevant media houses
  • – Obtaining internationally known celebrities
  • – Find other financing partners
Follow-on financing and exit
Successful companies want to grow strongly and expand rapidly. To this end, further rounds of financing are often necessary in order to open up future potentials.To secure your future expansion, we support our investments with:

  • – Help in finding investors
  • – Excellent contacts with development institutions
  • – Further Alstin-investments in future financing rounds
Executive management seminars
Many years of business experience in entrepreneurship and management is characterized by the Alstin team. This knowledge is passed along external top speakers regularly in executive events to the founders.Speakers extracts of events:Sven Gabor Janszky(Germany’s most famous futurologist)Dr. Philipp Rösler(Managing Director and board member of the World Economic Forum)Matthias Horx(Most influential trend researcher in the German-speaking countries)Prof. Markus Hengstschläger(Head Department of Medical Genetics, University of Vienna)Dr. Alexander von Frankenberg(General Manager of the High-Tech Gründerfonds)Alexander von Preysing(Head of Issuer Services German Börse AG)
Public relations
As a communications consultant, we support the investments to be known in the relevant target groups. Whether external communication or the design of internal communication. The company can always rely on the Alstin PR-support.Excerpts of the PR-support offer:

  • – Development of communication concepts
  • – Support for the media response
  • – Optimization of Press Releases
  • – Development of social media campaigns
  • – Contacts with journalists
Human Resource Management
A company is only as strong as the team behind. The experts of personnel management support investments in all personnel matters.The support takes place in the following areas:

  • – Finding and retaining high potentials
  • – Use of the large talent pools
  • – Network of experts to clarify labor law issues
  • – Design top modern Compensation and career systems
  • – Individual training for Executives
  • – Coaching on all personnel issues
  • – Organizing employee share ownership programs (ESOP esp.)
We help investments with direct access to the large Alstin expert network of specialists in all fields of law.


Each of our portfolio companies has the potential to have a long-term impact on markets.

ALSTIN portfolio holdings are characterised by outstanding teams with innovative business concepts and dynamic growth. Selected investments at a glance:


The numerous awards testify the success of Alstin investments

 Ideal growth support in the form of targeted investments in innovative companies

ALSTIN finances intelligent business growth, e.g. the development & expansion of sales & marketing, continued product & service development, acquisitions and internationalisation


Technological leadership / Special know-how / Patents


Scalable and potentially disruptive business models,ideally internationally applicable


Company headquarters or significant operational business in Germany, Switzerland, Austria (GSA)


Unique selling points with competitive advantage


Market-ready products or services (Proof of Concept)


Outstanding teams


Favourable market position with significant future growth potential

Your business plan should include the following:

Executive Summary / Business model / Objectives & strategy / market analysis / Experience of the key resources / Implementation plan / Ownership structure / Financial plan

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